Milestones and Accomplishments

For the first semester of Academic Year 2010-2011, 15,858 college and 738 graduate students have enrolled in the ten URS campuses. Morong and Binangonan campuses contributed about one-third and one-fifth of the total number of enrolled students, respectively. The rest of the campuses had below two thousand enrollment. Compared to previous academic year’s first semester enrollment data by campus, Angono, Tanay and Pililla registered higher than 10 percent increases while the rest of the campuses except Taytay also have positive increase in enrollment. In the case of Taytay, the slight decrease can be attributed to various factors ranging from economic to implementation of rationalization of programs. Overall, there is a 5.65 percent increase in the total enrollment for the first semester in the current academic year. In the graduate school (GS), the five campuses with graduate programs have also registered an increase in enrollment and based on the total head count, 190 new graduate students are enrolled in these campuses wherein almost half of these opted to pursue programs offered in Morong campus (Table 2).

The 12 new Licensed Social Workers