Monday, January 17, 2011




Dear Chair Defensor and Fellow Regents:

I have the honor to present to you the highlights of accomplishments of the University of Rizal System for 2010. We are proud to report that we have produced again two top placers in PRC board licensure examinations: top 5 placer in Civil Engineering and top 6 placer in Social Work Board. this year. This is truly a milestone accomplishment of our colleges since it marks the 2nd year in a row that we produced two top board passers. Furthermore, our passing rates on these regulated programs are much higher than the national passing rates.

We have also sent more faculty to various international seminars and training abroad and revised our research and extension manual and agenda to respond to the needs of faculty, staff, students and community for a more efficient and competitive allocation of financial and other support in Research and Development. Other significant accomplishments of the university are discussed in details inside this special publication of the 2010 Annual President’s Report.

Again, these achievements are not possible without your strong support to our social commitment and collective goal to pursue excellence, social responsiveness and relevance in delivering quality higher education in Rizal Province in support of regional and national socioeconomic development.

Salamat po muli at Mabuhay ang URS Nating Mahal!

Very truly yours,



Sunday, January 16, 2011

University Income

The income from tuition and other student fees, as of 30 September 2010, this amounts to sixty-four million five hundred twenty-eight thousand nine hundred forty pesos and 81/100 (Php 64,528,940.81). Fifty-four percent of this comes from tuition fees while twenty-seven percent is sourced from other service income. The rest have four to less than one percent contribution as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Classification of Income from Special Trust Fund as of 30 September 2010

Thursday, January 13, 2011

University Master Plan 2012-2022

To come up with a detailed and comprehensive campus development plan, a series of workshops for the preparation of 10-year master plan for the University was spearheaded by the University Planning Office. Ad-Hoc Committee was created and started meeting since September 2010 to decide on the planning framework and tools to use to come up with a
stakeholder-driven master plan for the university. All heads of academic and administrative units were asked to participate in 2-month long stakeholder analysis workshops to determine the issues, objectives and the best planning methodology to employ for the preparation of this very critical and detailed plan which serve as the blueprint of URS future strategic directions and holistic development for the year 2012-2022.

To seek external stakeholders' feedback and comments regarding with the Master plan, a multisectoral consultation was organized on 12 November 2010. Atty. Julito Vitriolo served as keynote speaker of this momentous event. He emphasized the importance of having a master plan for a state university like URS. He discussed issues that must be considered before crafting the master plan such as the dwindling funding support from national government, the increasing expectation to produce employable graduates and to be able to help the government and various industries towards achieving development at both national and regional levels. Various stakeholders from local government units, public and private academe, provincial and regional planning agencies, media and other key sectors were able to discussed their suggestions and comments on how to make the master plan as responsive as possible to the need of both the university and its various stakeholders. Director Madrigal also expressed willingness to be part of the technical expert committee which is to be composed of various external and internal stakeholders of the university to realize the creation of the master plan.

Board member Villamayor, TCMC President San Felipe, Director Madrigal, Engr. Ablaza, Mayor Buenaventura listen to the presentation of URS Master Plan 2012-2020 Framework, Processes and Methodology

Major Equipment and IT System Acquisition

For 2010, the University acquired one hundred eight (108) brand new branded computers, fifty-five (55) LCD monitors, forty-six (46) new printers, eleven (11) brand new branded laptops and six (6) LCD/DLP projectors for academic and administrative use. In terms of monetary value, more than 21 million worth of IT equipment including system were acquired by the university. Likewise, from January to November 2010, the University purchased more than 10 million peso worth of non-IT equipment which are distributed mostly for academic use. In sum, the University has already allotted and spent a total amount of thirty two million three hundred ninety-three thousand one hundred twenty-three pesos and 44/100 centavos for IT system and hardware as well as non-IT equipment for both academic and administrative use (Table 8).

Infrastructure Improvements and Repairs

The summary of expenses from major repair, renovations and other physical improvement of existing facilities by campus while the list of these physical facilities renovations and repairs for this year is summarized in this table.

Major Repairs/ Renovations / Fabrications


Renovations, Improvements, Repairs of Facilities


Fabrication of Furniture and Others




Equipment Purchased


IT Equipment/System

Php 21,458,670.20

Non-IT/Other Equipment


Grand total

Php 32,393,123.44