Thursday, January 13, 2011

Major Equipment and IT System Acquisition

For 2010, the University acquired one hundred eight (108) brand new branded computers, fifty-five (55) LCD monitors, forty-six (46) new printers, eleven (11) brand new branded laptops and six (6) LCD/DLP projectors for academic and administrative use. In terms of monetary value, more than 21 million worth of IT equipment including system were acquired by the university. Likewise, from January to November 2010, the University purchased more than 10 million peso worth of non-IT equipment which are distributed mostly for academic use. In sum, the University has already allotted and spent a total amount of thirty two million three hundred ninety-three thousand one hundred twenty-three pesos and 44/100 centavos for IT system and hardware as well as non-IT equipment for both academic and administrative use (Table 8).

Infrastructure Improvements and Repairs

The summary of expenses from major repair, renovations and other physical improvement of existing facilities by campus while the list of these physical facilities renovations and repairs for this year is summarized in this table.

Major Repairs/ Renovations / Fabrications


Renovations, Improvements, Repairs of Facilities


Fabrication of Furniture and Others




Equipment Purchased


IT Equipment/System

Php 21,458,670.20

Non-IT/Other Equipment


Grand total

Php 32,393,123.44

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